For The Rider

Everything for the rider from Elite Saddlery.

Great quality mens, ladies and childrens horse riding competition and casual clothing from Premier Equine, Whitaker, Brogini and more all at affordable prices.

Our ranges include show jackets, riding and country boots, breeches and riding tights, casual clothing, helmets and bags plus jackets, fleeces and coats

For your safety we also have body protectors and air jackets.


  • I need a new riding helmet - how can I be sure a new one will fit? 

    • Our Premier Equine and Whitaker helmets now have a dial-to-fit system built in, allowing you to fine tune your new helmet for a precise fit. Simply order your size and then use the dial at the rear of the straps to adjust for a comfortable, secure fit. All our helmets are approved for most riding disciplines in the UK and are specified in the description of each individual helmet

  • I want a change from normal riding breeches - what can I have? 

    • Our riding breeches are always stylish and a great fit too, however sometimes you don't need to look too formal or want a comfort fit. Check out our denim Gina or Roxy breeches for a casual look, or our large selection of riding tights ( still with gel for lots of grip ) for all the comfort and stretch you want.

  • What riding gloves do I need? 

    • Whether it's cold, warm or in-between, we have something to suit your needs. We offer leather ( the Premier Equine Mizar leather riding gloves are made from an extremely soft leather with breathable Lycra panelling on the knuckle and thumb area to increase movement and comfort. Featuring suede sections on the fingers for increased grip and ventilation holes along the tops of the fingers to keep your hands cool and dry ) or luxuriously soft synthetic leather gloves with high stretch properties for increased comfort, giving you a second-skin feel. If you need waterproof we have it covered, and can also offer you an option of modern, synthetic textured riding gloves for optimum grip with added touchscreen compatibility to keep you up to date at all times.

  • Is an air jacket worth buying? 

    • We would always recommend you ride in a back protector as a minimum, as you cannot know where or when something may send you flying, and it's the landing which hurts! These days a back protector isn't too bulky or restrictive but will give you the peace of mind you need for a very small investment. If you can however, an air jacket is the ultimate body protector and the inflation speed from the multi directional trigger works in less than 0.1 seconds. It is no surprise that 14 nations were equipped with the Helite air jackets we offer at the London Olympics. And if you do have an incident the air canister is replaceable. Available in a gilet, blouson, competition jacket or hunter style, there is sure to be one to suit you.

  • How do I get the right size tall boots? 

    • Please have a look at the sizing guides, however the sizes are always approximate as the boots are handmade and so are never exactly the same each time. As a general rule; Sit in a chair with your knee bent 90 degrees to the floor. Wear the breeches and socks that you would likely wear with your boots. Measure your foot for your shoe size. Height – measure from the floor to the crease of the knee. Calf width – measure the widest part of the calf. Use these measurements against the size guide for the boot of your choice to see if you need a tall, regular or short height, and also a regular or wide calf.

Everything for the rider from Elite Saddlery.