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Air Jackets, Body Protectors & High Visibility

Protect yourself from an unexpected fall with our selection of Air Jackets or Body Protectors. Air jackets and body protectors are vital for keeping safe whilst riding and are staples for eventing, cross-country and more.

Stay safe on the roads with our selection of high-viz clothing and accessories from POLITE Hi-Viz, including safety bands, harnesses and mesh sheets.

Compliment your safety gear with our stunning range of Horse Riding Clothing, including hats, boots, gloves and more.

  • What is the difference between an air jacket and a body protector? 

    • A standard body protector has microcellular air similar to a camping mat. An air jacket has a main air channel which acts like a mattress, removing your body from the ground more effectively. Once impacted, the performance of a foam body protector deteriorates (and should be replaced). An air jacket can be impacted multiple times on the same spot without any deterioration.

  • Do I need to wear both a body protector and an air jacket? 

    • You can wear the air jacket on its own and it will offer the protection it is designed to. Many people prefer the lightweight convenience of the air jacket compared with traditionally bulkier foam of a body protectors. The most important element is that either are fitted correctly, so do ensure that they cover properly and are not too large or small. Air jackets are considered a top-up to your foundation garment, which should be a BETA Level 3 body protector if you event. They effectively extend the area of protection on the body, which would restrict your ability to ride if they were fully inflated all the time. This is why they are triggered by a fall.