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Air Jackets

Protect yourself when falling with our range of Helite Air Jackets. These air jackets have an internal airbag that zips into a selection of outer jackets, blousons or gilets to give you a great choice between a smart show jacket, a BSJA-approved blouson or the more casual gilet for the warmer months.

Alternatively, the Zip in 2 airbag can be worn alone without an outer which is a popular and affordable option. Air Jackets incorporate airbags that attach to the saddle via a lanyard – in the event of an accident or fall the lanyard will trigger the airbags inside the jacket. This ensures you are as protected as possible. Both adult and children’s sizes are available.

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  • Are horse riding vests worth it? 

    • Horse riding air vests provide some protection for flat falls and in the case of a horse landing on its rider during a fall. Air vests only protect a rider when inflated, but when inflated they protect the torso, neck, and pelvis too.

  • If I do buy an air jacket, can I re-use it if it goes off after a fall?  

    • Yes of course, the jacket will look great, keep you safe and inflate almost instantly if you fall. Afterwards, you can simply replace the air canister (which we sell singularly) and you are good to go again. Do check regularly to make sure your air bag is not damaged or punctured which may inhibit inflation.

  • Can you wear an air jacket on its own? 

    • You can wear the air jacket on its own and it will offer the protection it is designed to. Many people prefer the lightweight convenience of the air jacket compared with traditionally bulky foam body protectors.

  • How should an air vest fit? 

    • There should be about 4 inches (about the size of your fist) between your body and the vest. Having the correct fit is crucial as you want to ensure maximum inflation of the jacket. Keep in mind if you plan to wear a body protector with your air vest, fit your air vest while wearing it.