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Horse Riding Boots & Country Boots

Whether you’re a seasoned rider or just starting out, finding the perfect pair of boots is essential for comfort, performance, and, of course, looking great in the saddle. Explore our diverse range of riding boots designed to cater to all riders.

Our range of Men’s Riding Boots are specifically tailored for male riders and includes options for both long and short-legged boots.

For riders who prefer a more versatile and agile option, Short Riding Boots & Gaiters are the perfect choice. These boots offer a shorter boot, providing greater flexibility and freedom of movement. Paired with gaiters, they offer extra protection and a streamlined look. Ideal for riders who want comfort without compromising on style.

Embrace the classic equestrian look with our Tall Riding Boots. These boots feature a longer leg that extends up the calf, offering excellent support and stability. Designed for various riding disciplines, tall riding boots provide a polished appearance while ensuring a secure and snug fit.

For something a little more casual, shop our collection of Country Boots. These boots often feature rugged designs, waterproof materials, and sturdy soles, making them suitable for outdoor activities such as mucking out.

  • I like the laced up look, but they must take ages to put on. 

    • Have a look at the styles we have, as some have the look you want with either a laced panel or a full lace down the front, however they then have a zip at the back of the boot so putting them on ( and taking them off ) is very easy...

  • What should I do to clean my boots? 

    • Try to remove dirt with a sponge and water as soon as you can, then leave to air dry naturally ( never near a radiator or fire as this may crack or split the leather ) Don't forget to pay attention to the zips and any poppers/studs, as dirt build up can make them stiff and eventually break - use a soft bristled brush to clean them and run the zipper up and down to make sure it operates freely. Next use a quality shoe polish or cream to nourish the leather and put some colour back into the boot. You can then use a conditioner or waterproofing spray if wanted to protect the surface even further, but polish will provide some waterproofing anyway. Put your boots into a boot bag to keep them dust free and ready for your next show - with a boot tree for support if they are tall.