Horse Riding Boots & Country Boots

We supply beautiful premium leather horse riding and country boots, with ranges from Brogini and Premier Equine – Quality mens, womens and childrens boots at affordable prices.

Brogini’s Prestige range are hand-made in Italy and their Classic and Essential range offers an easily affordable boot without compromising on quality. For the winter choose the fur-lined range – the Kendal from the Lifestyle collection will give extra warmth and comfort on a cold day at the yard. Don’t forget a long boot bag to keep your new riding boots looking their best and ready for that show…..

  • Are long boots better for horse riding? 

    • Long boots are often thought to provide better protection when riding - they certainly help prevent chafing from the stirrup leathers and encourage a better leg position by keeping the feet and ankles firmly in place. However a set of paddock boots and a pair of chaps will provide the same and are often preferred in hotter weather. Do always ensure your footwear has a good heel so that it can prevent the foot from sliding through the stirrup.

  • What is a yard boot? 

    • Yard boots offer support and comfort for your daily stable chores and provide a durable, safe footwear option while mucking out or working around the yard. Do make sure they are waterproof and comfortable as you will doubtless spend longer in these than your riding boots, so spend as much as you can on them for your own comfort.

  • I like the laced up look, but they must take ages to put on. 

    • Have a look at the styles we have, as some have the look you want with either a laced panel or a full lace down the front, however they then have a zip at the back of the boot so putting them on ( and taking them off ) is very easy...

  • How do I best find my fit in a tall boot? 

    • Sit in a chair with your knee bent 90 degrees to the floor. Wear the breeches and socks which you will mostly wear with your new boots. Measure your foot for the shoe size. Measure from the floor to the crease of the knee for the height. Measure the widest part of the calf to get the correct calf width size.

  • What should I do to clean my boots? 

    • Try to remove dirt with a sponge and water as soon as you can, then leave to air dry naturally ( never near a radiator or fire as this may crack or split the leather ) Don't forget to pay attention to the zips and any poppers/studs, as dirt build up can make them stiff and eventually break - use a soft bristled brush to clean them and run the zipper up and down to make sure it operates freely. Next use a quality shoe polish or cream to nourish the leather and put some colour back into the boot. You can then use a conditioner or waterproofing spray if wanted to protect the surface even further, but polish will provide some waterproofing anyway. Put your boots into a boot bag to keep them dust free and ready for your next show - with a boot tree for support if they are tall.