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Short Riding Boots & Gaiters

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Short riding boots paired with gaiters are an easy way to achieve the “competition tall boot” look if you struggle to wear tall riding boots. Wearing short boots and gaiters will help to protect your lower legs whilst in the saddle and prevent chaffing against buckles or stirrup leathers. For Gentlemen, please check the styles marked as unisex which have sizes up to UK11.

There are a few types of short riding boots and gaiters to choose from:

Jodhpur boots: These are short boots with an ankle-high shaft and a heel that are typically worn with jodhpurs. Jodhpur boots are a popular choice for riders who need a more formal or polished look.

Paddock boots: These are shorter, more casual boots that are often worn for everyday riding or yard work. Paddock boots are a good choice for riders who need a comfortable, practical boot for everyday use.

Jodhpur gaiters: These are ankle-high gaiters that are worn with jodhpur boots or jodhpur pants. Jodhpur gaiters provide additional protection for the lower leg and can help keep the rider’s pants clean and free of debris.

Full gaiters: Full gaiters are tall boots or boot covers that extend up to the knee or mid-calf. They are often worn by riders who need additional protection for their legs or who ride in wet or muddy conditions.

Half gaiters: Half gaiters are shorter boot covers that only extend partway up the calf. They are often worn by riders who need some protection for their legs but prefer a more streamlined look.