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Ladies Horse Riding Clothing

The latest ladies styles from brands such as Premier Equine & Whitaker, suitable for all riders. Choose from our quality range of breeches, riding jackets and gilets plus hoodies and fleeces to keep you looking stylish and comfortable either out competing or around the yard.

  • What shouldn't I wear when riding? 

    • Anything too loose, strappy or flowing is to be avoided which should hopefully prevent the horse being startled if something flaps or moves, or anything getting caught in the saddle and reins as you mount or dismount. Always avoid anything loose on your bottom half and wear appropriate footwear, as if the horse has you off a clear fall is far better than clothing or footwear getting caught and you possibly getting dragged along.

  • What's the difference between riding breeches and jodhpurs? 

    • Breeches are generally shorter than jodhpurs and above the ankle, with a close-fitting design featuring a fastening ( sometimes Velcro ) or an elasticated fabric at the bottom. Jodhpurs are full-length pants that often have an elastic strap that goes under the riders foot or boots to prevent them from riding up.

  • What's the difference between breeches and riding tights? 

    • Riding tights are increasingly popular now, as they are essentially a thinner, sportier and pull up and on version of breeches. They are mostly 4 way stretch so allow a full range of movement and some have a higher waistband to help contour the body. For the more formal riding competitions such as dressage, breeches would still be recommended.

  • I need more grip in the saddle - what can i do? 

    • Look out for breeches or riding tights with either full seat gel or gel knees, all of which will give you security and grip just where you need it. And don't worry about all your essentials - all have pockets with some having two phone pockets in one pair!

  • I like a gilet as it's less bulky than a jacket, but never know what to wear underneath? 

    • Have a look at the Premier Equine range of hybrid technical riding jackets, which have the gilet look and feel to the body (which is waterproof) plus the side, arms and collar of these jackets have been crafted from a technical jersey that provides superior stretch, breathability and moisture-wicking properties. The combination of the two elements provides the performance the modern rider requires with reduced bulk and unrestricted movement in the saddle. One is pictured just to the right of these questions so you can see how stylish it is.

  • Does a competition show shirt have to just be white with a tie? 

    • Not at all these days, as there are many styles and options available for you now. Check out our Competition Wear section above where you will find a great selection of tops ready for you to wear in any competition ( some with a bit of bling if that's your thing ) in different colours and styles to suit your needs.