Riding Gloves & Socks

Beautifully designed and crafted riding gloves from Premier Equine. Leather ( or synthetic if you prefer ) they are available in a range of styles and colours to suit all your needs.

Socks to suit all riders and sizes, plus thick winter options for the colder weather.

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  • I don't want leather gloves, so what can you offer me? 

    • We have a great choice of synthetic gloves for you, so please have a look at the styles above called Ascot, Metaro and Dajour. For children, we can offer them styles called Lucca and Windsor. Great colour choices in all of them, so there will be one to suit you.

  • I need to answer and use my telephone and it always happens when I have my gloves on - what can I look for? 

    • Check out the Metaro which has touch screen panels on the index finger and thumb to allow use of your touch screen phone without removing your gloves. If it's raining and you want waterproof gloves, then the Dajour has the touch screen panels too, but make sure your phone doesn't get wet too....

  • I need a pair of gloves which are properly waterproof - which should I choose? 

    • The Dajour is the one for you. Engineered with soft synthetic leather these riding gloves are entirely waterproof to keep your hands warm and dry when riding. Featuring a touch screen panel you can easily use your touchscreen phone without the need to remove your gloves – perfect for those cold mornings or chilly evenings.Offering an exquisite hand feel these gloves have exceptional grip for handling the reins – ideal for if the reins become wet. Communicate precisely with your horse with a Thinsulate lining for warmth without compromising contact with the reins.Classically designed with a simple pull-on stretch cuff these riding gloves feature integrated elastic along the central outer hand for unrestricted flexion.

  • Which gloves are available in white - I prefer to wear them for Dressage. 

    • We can offer white in most styles, so please do look at the Ascot, Mizar and Metaro gloves, as those have a white option.

  • Grip on the reins is really important to me - what do you suggest? 

    • All our gloves will offer you good grip, however the Metaro riding gloves offer a sophisticated, modern look with a reptilian textured surface for exceptional grip.A reinforced panel along the index finger where the rein sits ensures durability, so they should last you well.

  • I can't get these gloves onto my hands, and then they are too long? 

    • Well you see what you've done there is you have bought a lovely pair of socks - and those are meant for your feet, not your hands. Send those back to us and let us know which gloves you would like instead.

  • These socks are a real problem to get on as each one has a separate toe. Any advice? 

    • Yes you seem to have done the exact opposite to the person above, as what you have there are gloves meant for your hands, and those separate bits are for your fingers. You too need to be more careful next time you order as this section has gloves for your hands and socks for your feet, but they only fit the right part of your body. Send them back and we'll swap them over, of pop them on your hands if they are cold.

  • My gloves have no grip as they are wool and they come a long way up my arms - is this normal? 

    • No, and neither are you as you are wearing socks on your hands again. Has anyone else at the yard said anything ? Did you think they were mittens as there are no fingers? Try them on your feet and let us know if they seem better there, and have a look at the great selection of gloves here too as they ARE for your hands. ( You've also got your coat on inside out )