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Riding Gloves & Socks

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Whether it’s cold, warm or in-between, we have riding gloves and socks to suit your needs. We offer leather or luxuriously soft synthetic leather gloves with high stretch properties for increased comfort, giving you a second-skin feel. If you need waterproof riding gloves, we have you covered. We can also offer you an option of modern, synthetic textured riding gloves for optimum grip with added touchscreen compatibility.


  • Why are riding gloves important? 

    • Horse Riding Gloves do much more than keep your hands covered – they offer an extra layer of safety and security by ensuring a good grip on the reins.

  • Are there different styles of gloves? 

    • Yes, there a few different types of gloves that you may need when dealing with horses. General stable gloves are handy for jobs around the yard or an extra layer when it gets chilly. Riding gloves are essential for ensuring a good grip on the reins, and finally, a smart pair of gloves for competition use. White gloves are an essential for disciplines such as dressage.