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Riding Helmets & Bags

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Riding Helmets & Bags

Protect your head while riding with one of our riding helmets. A correctly fitting riding hat is essential when riding or managing horses; a lot of our models include an easy-to-use dial to adjust the fitting of the hat. All of our helmets meet current safety standards for use in competitions.

Shop our range of riding hats for every rider – suitable for all disciplines, head shapes and ages. We also stock a selection of hat bags to store your riding helmet to keep it safe and looking its best until the next time you use it.

  • I need a new riding helmet - how can I be sure a new one will fit?  

    • Our Premier Equine and Whitaker helmets now have a dial-to-fit system built in, allowing you to fine tune your new helmet for a precise fit. Simply order your size and then use the dial at the rear of the straps to adjust for a comfortable, secure fit. All our helmets are approved for most riding disciplines in the UK and are specified in the description of each individual helmet.

  • When should I replace my riding helmet? 

    • The lifespan of a riding helmet is five years from the date of first wear. Even if you haven’t had a fall, it’s important to replace it after this time. This is due to natural wear and tear on the materials. If your helmet suffers any kind of impact, its protective qualities will be reduced so you should replace your helmet before riding again.

  • Which riding helmet is right for me? 

    • You can use a modern helmet for most riding disciplines, but certain helmets have become more common for individual disciplines. The only thing you should not do is use an old helmet without a three-point attachment. These hats offer no protection because they slip immediately in a fall or is completely loose.

Riding Helmets & Bags