Horse Riding Equipment

About our horse riding equipment

We supply a wide range of horse riding equipment here in our online store or from our showroom, all at affordable prices. Quality equestrian rugs and blankets from Premier Equine, ever popular therapy products including the Magni-Teque and infrared ranges, grooming equipment and for active competing horses check out the protective boots and shoe studs sections.

For your horses health see our supplements and wormers, plus the Haygain range of hay steamers with their proven horse health benefits.



  • Which size Haygain hay steamer do I need? 

    • The 'One' is designed for 1 horse and will steam up to 8kg of hay. The HG600 is for 1-3 horses and will hold up to 15 kg of hay either loose or in nets. The HG2000 is the largest unit and is for 4 or more horses, holding a full bale / 35-40kg of hay .Haygain Hay Steamers are scientifically proven to eliminate 99% of dust, mould spores and bacteria reducing airway inflammation without loss of nutritional value and palatability of the hay.

  • I have heard that Premier Equine rugs come up large - is this true? 

    • Yes and no, as most are as listed, however we do find that the turnout rugs can be generous and with these you may choose to go down a size - please refer to the size guides in the individual rugs details.

  • How do the Premier Equine Magni-Teque products work? 

    • Combining USA’s technology in magnets with Premier Equines experience in horse rugs and boots we have enjoyed worldwide success in all disciplines of the equine industry and helped many a top racehorse, event horse, dressage horse, etc. to keep training and competing with the aid of our Magnet Horse Products. The following benefits have been reported Maintained circulation - Reduced muscle tension - Aids recovery of muscle fatigue - Tissue oxygen supply - Can help to maintain the overall wellbeing of your horse.

  • What products are available in the Premier Equine Magni-Teque range? 

    • The rug (complete with neck cover ) is the best known, however we also offer Magni-Teque Hock boots, Knee boots, Fetlock boots and Hoof boots, plus a choice of Poll band or magnetic Browband.

  • How will Ollov rubber horseshoes help my horse? 

    • The rubber shell absorbs shock and vibrations, making it more comfortable for both horse and rider. Less vibration travels through the horse onto the rider, making the shoe extra well suited for extensive riding and horses and riders with back issues.A very clear difference is noticed when riding on harder surfaces, asphalt, trails, roads with some rocks etc. The horse does not need to be careful in each step but moves ahead without hesitation.The excellent grip offers much added safety in the stable and while transporting in trailers etc.Outstanding choice of shoe for horses recovering from various back, leg and hoof issues. A softer, shock-absorbing shoe offers relief and promotes a quicker recovery. The shoe has been used extensively for over 20 years in different rehab situations with great success.The shoe preserves the natural blood flow in the hoof (unlike a steel shoe where the blood vessels are more likely to close up due to the vibrations in the hoof) promoting healthy growth of the hoof. The shoe has already proven to be excellent for horses with poor hoof quality.

  • Which studs do I need and what does a StudStasha do? 

    • Check out the studs section as there are a wide range available for almost every situation where more grip is required. SupaStuds for instance make studs for the road, playing Polo, arena competition and dressage, plus bullet, dome, conical, maxi-dome and sharp, often in two lengths. The SupaStuds StudStasha is an elasticated fabric wristband (similar in appearance to a tennis wristband) which contains a powerful magnet. This magnet will hold four or more studs securely while you are studding up, so that the studs are always in reach yet keeping both hands free. If you do lose a stud in long grass, the magnet can be used like a metal detector to find it again. The wristband is stretchy enough to fit a bare arm or over heavy clothing. Ollov horseshoes also have their own range of studs specific to those shoes and are shown here.

About our horse riding equipment