Horse Boots & Bandages

Our tendon and fetlock boots are a big seller, easy to fit and great whether competing or schooling at home. Travel boots offer great protection when loading or travelling, and are always a firm favourite too. Whatever you need – you should find it here.

Please note, boots are sold in pairs unless stated.

  • When showjumping, what can my horse have on to protect his legs? 

    • Normally we would advise a set of tendon boots and a set of fetlock boots. Tendon boots protect the back of your horse's front legs from strikes from it's hind hooves which can occur when landing after a jump. In comparison, fetlock boots are used on the horse's hind legs and just protect the fetlock from brushing injuries. There are many different styles and materials available as you will see in the section above.

  • What do overreach boots protect from? 

    • Overreach boots ( sometimes known as bell boots due to their shape) are usually worn to prevent overreaching (when the horse kicks or catches his front heels with the toes of his back feet, resulting in injury) or if the horse is wearing shoe studs, to protect him from accidentally injuring himself with the studs of their opposing hoof.

  • For travel, what will give my horse the best protection? 

    • A good set of travel boots will provide protection to the delicate lower legs which have very little muscle and can easily become damaged if your horse moves around a lot in their box when travelling. Our Premier Equine travel boots come in sets of four (so each leg is protected) with styles which are either full length or shorter cut below the knee. These are therefore often suited to horses that do not like the restriction and bulkiness of a boot around their knees or hocks.

  • Is there an alternative to bandaging my horses legs but still give them some protection?  

    • Check out our Sports Medicine Boots, which will provide support and protection for the fetlock, ligaments and tendons. They also give suspensory support, and are recommended by vets for support purposes.

  • For recovery and therapy, what do you recommend? 

    • In our section "Horse Therapy Products" we have the Premier Equine Magni -Teque range which includes hoof, hock, fetlock and knee boots which use proven magnetic therapy to aid recovery. A full range, there are also full Magni-Teque rugs and boot wraps too. For heat treatment, check out the Nano-Tech infrared rugs and boot wraps, all at great prices.