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Hay Steamers

We are pleased to offer the great new range of hay steamers from Nuveq – a well known and trusted brand for quality and service.

Right now, we have both the Summit and the slightly smaller Expert models here in stock in Weybread ready for viewing or next day delivery to you. Just call and let us know you are coming and we will have the model of your choice ready and steaming for you.

If you are ready to buy, simply order before 11.00am Monday to Friday* and your Nuveq will be delivered the next working day – how’s that for service.

So why steam hay?

Addressing the root cause of coughing in horses is significantly more effective than merely addressing the symptoms. Steaming is a beneficial method for alleviating coughing in horses.

Allergenic bacteria, molds, fungi, mite faeces, endotoxins, or beta-glucans can contribute to respiratory inflammation and conditions such as equine asthma (also known as COPD / COB) and recurrent airway obstruction (RAO). When hay is subjected to steaming, it effectively binds dust and almost eliminates all harmful bacteria and molds. Steaming hay with a high temperature hay steamer results in a reduction of respirable particles of more than 93%, while preserving the essential nutrients.

For your horse’s health, get a Nuveq Hay Steamer today.

  • Excludes Bank Holidays and Christmas / New Year Break.

  • Have Haygain gone into administration? 

    • Sadly we have to report that Haygain appointed administrators on 18/1/24.Whilst we sincerely hope that the company will be resurrected, there is no information at this time and so we have made the decision to partner with Nuveq, a similar system which is freely available and stocked. If you need a new steam generator for your Haygain chest, the Nuveq one is compatible so we are able to supply those separately. The Nuveq boiler does not need regular descaling and starts to steam in just 5 minutes. We do still have two new Haygain HG-600 chests if you have a steam generator but just need a new chest.

  • I have a bin and a wallpaper stripper steamer - isn't this the same? 

    • In a word, no. If you warm but don't get to the critical temperatures needed to actually kill off moulds and bacteria, you are doing more harm than good, and possibly harming your horses health. A Nuveq unit has a thermally insulated hay chest and a powerful boiler unit which with it's 360 degrees steaming is vital for killing mould spores and bacteria in the hay. Swap now and you too will see how this is a purpose built hay steamer which really does the job, and your horse will thank you for it too.

  • What size Nuveq do I need? 

    • The Expert feeds up to 2 horses dependant on the horses size and holds approx 18 / 20kg of forage either in haynets or loose wedges.The Summit feeds 2+ horses (again dependant on their size) and holds up to 30 - 35kg of loose hay/haylage or a couple of small fully strung bales.Don't worry if you steam too much in one go, as it retains the benefits of quality steaming for 24 hours as long as it is kept dust free - just keep it inside the closed Nuveq.

  • OK, so what are the benefits of a Nuveq? 

    • With our quick steam technology you will be steaming in just 5 minutes and with Nuveq you get 360 degree steaming, with no descaling either. Nuveq Hay Steamers are scientifically proven to reduce by more than 93% the dust, mould, bacteria and other allergens commonly found even in good quality hay.Steamed hay will; Have 3 times the water content of dry hay, Is so appetising it ensures horses get their nutrients, Helps horses with digestive issues such as colic and ulcers, Protects respiratory health, Great for horses with respiratory conditions.

  • I cannot always be around for an hour to turn the steamer off - what can I do? 

    • With a Nuveq boiler this isn't a problem as the boiler has a unique float system which simply stops when your hay is steamed, so you can never boil dry or ruin your system - what other hay steamer can say that. Save expensive repairs or even replacements and swap to a Nuveq today.

  • I have been soaking my hay - is this helping? 

    • In a word, no. In fact, making hay soup is actually doing more harm than good, as sitting in the water many of the harmful bacteria, mould and other allergens will in fact be in better conditions to multiply rather than be killed and removed by Nuveq steaming, so you are really not helping with any respiratory issues. Plus, what do you do with all that dirty water afterwards?