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New Hay Steamers by Haygain

Sadly we have to confirm that Haygain appointed administrators on 18/1/24. 

Whilst we sincerely hope that the company will be resurrected, there is no information at this time and so we have made the decision to partner with Nuveq, a similar system which is freely available and stocked.

If your Haygain boiler has failed, we can now offer a replacement steam generator from Nuveq with an adaptor also available on our website to fit it to your current Haygain chest – so no repair costs for your old Haygain boiler and inconvenience whist it is away being looked at, you simply enjoy all the advantages of the new Nuveq steamer immediately. For more information just click on the Nuveq section.

We do still have two new Haygain HG-600 chests if you have a steam generator but just need a new chest.


We are pleased to offer the full Haygain range, including the ever popular HG-600 and the larger HG-2000. We try to always keep them in stock, so call us first on 01379 588472 for quick, no hassle delivery and free set up and demonstration – no-one else will give you our personal service from years of using them ourselves.

The Forager from Haygain – the ideal slow feeder that encourages a natural way of eating forage so your horse stays healthy and happy. It has been designed to simulate a horse’s natural, slow and steady eating behaviour. The design ensures only small, bite sized, portions of hay can be taken at one time and this has a number of physical and mental health benefits for horses that are stabled for long periods of time.

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  • I usually soak my hay - isn't this just as good? 

    • In a word, no. In fact, making hay soup is actually doing more harm than good, as sitting in the water many of the harmful bacteria, mould and other allergens will in fact be in better conditions to multiply rather than be killed and removed by Haygain steaming, so you are really not helping with any respiratory issues. Plus, what do you do with all that dirty water afterwards?

  • But my bin and a wallpaper stripper is doing the same job, isn't it? 

    • Again, in a word, no. Just like the answer above, if you warm but don't get to the critical 100 degrees + needed to actually kill off moulds and bacteria, you are doing more harm than good, and possibly harming your horses health. A Haygain unit has a thermally insulated hay chest and an industrial sized, powerful boiler unit which allows temperatures to reach over 100°C – vital for killing mould spores and bacteria in the hay. Swap now and you too will see how this is a purpose built hay steamer which really does the job, and your horse will thank you for it too.

  • If I do buy a Haygain, what size do I need? 

    • The HG600 feeds 1-3 horses and holds up to 15kg of forage either in a haynet or loose wedges (the equivalent of half a bale of hay or up to 15kg of loose hay or haynets) The HG2000 feeds 4+ horses and holds up to 35-40kg of loose hay/haylage or a fully strung bale. Don't worry if you steam too much in one go, as it retains the benefits of quality steaming for 24 hours as long as it is kept dust free - just keep it inside the closed Haygain.

  • So if I do buy a Haygain, what benefits are there? 

    • With their Patented steam technology and consistent high temperature of over 100°C, Haygain Hay Steamers are scientifically proven to reduce up to 99% of the dust, mould, bacteria and other allergens commonly found even in good quality hay.Steamed hay will; Have 3 times the water content of dry hay, Is so appetising it ensures horses get their nutrients, Helps horses with digestive issues such as colic and ulcers, Protects respiratory health, Great for horses with respiratory conditions.

  • Once steamed, my horse can't eat it quickly enough. How can I slow down their eating? 

    • Try a Haygain Forager slow feeder, which allows the horse to eat in a natural grazing position while regulating the pace at which it eats, without causing frustration. The Forager helps manage your horse's weight and reduces the risk of ulcers, colic, and stable vices. Main Benefits of the Forager are; Regulates the pace at which your horse eats, aids in prevention of gastric ulcers, obesity and laminitis, reduces forage wastage by keeping hay contained, and lessens muscle tension in the back and neck whilst feeding.

  • If I have any more questions, can I ask? 

    • Of course, just call us on 01379 588472 or e-mail and we'll do all we can to help. We use a Haygain and have done for many years ( we also started off by soaking, then a wheelie bin and wallpaper stripper, then took the plunge and bought a Haygain - and have never looked back )