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Horse Worming Tests & Health Care Products

All horses need testing regularly and we have all you need with worm tests and advice from our SQP – Look after all your horses needs with Elite Saddlery Ltd.

To keep your horse comfortable in the summer months check out our fly control section too.

  • The flies are driving my horses mad even with fly rugs on - what do you suggest? 

    • We almost always sell what we use ourselves, and we use the Naffoff range of fly sprays for our own horses. Really effective, the spray is simple to apply with a trigger pack and doesn't have an overpowering smell. Now even more powerful with additional fly repellents to support the well known action of deet. Powerful protection for your horses from flies, horse flies and insects.

  • How can I check the worm burden in my horse so I know which wormer to give? 

    • We are advising all that to help prevent resistance building by over using wormers when they may well not be needed, you can see whether you need to worm your horse (and for what) by using a faecal worm test kit ( FWEC) ideally carried out every 12 weeks. Very simple to use, with gloves, prepaid labels and all you need in the pack, they are a cheap but effective way to tailor your worming plan before you just buy another wormer.

  • Are supplements really worth using? 

    • We have a full range available from Science Supplements above, and would certainly recommend their products. Take a look at the options when your horse needs a little extra something, and then buy with confidence that the products really do what they claim.

  • My horses hooves are dry and look cracked and peeling - what would you recommend? 

    • Try our Stubben Hoof Oil, with its high-quality care substances it is particularly suitable for the daily quick care of sole, frog and outer walls. The breathable film doesn’t clog the capillaries and provides a long-lasting shine. This intensely nourishing hoof oil is characterised by the following properties: Plant-based recipe with specially selected high-quality oils for an all-round care of the hoof Regenerates dry and brittle horn and keeps the hoof healthy and supple by means of a long-term "depot" effect. Very easy to apply due to the specially adjusted viscosity. Application: apply daily to sole, frog and outer walls up to 1 cm (0,4 inches) below the coronary band with a brush. May produce an allergic reaction but this is unusual as it is made from natural oils. Ingredients: vegetable oils, essential oils.