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Horse Grooming Products & Clippers

Horse Grooming Products & Clippers

Keep your horse or pony looking their best with our selection of horse grooming products. 

We stock Canter Mane and Tail spray – available in two sizes so you can always have some with you in your grooming bag or kit. 

We also offer the Lister and Wahl clipper and trimmer range, plus accessories such as spare blades and battery packs. 

Make grooming a breeze with the new Stubben “Brush–on” range to clean, de-tangle and leave a fresh scent too. Browse our range of Stubben grooming brushes, beautifully made from quality materials. 

  • Do I need to keep my horse’s mane and tail brushed?  

    • It should be part of your horse care routine to give your horse a brush all over and comb their mane and tail through. Getting knots and tangles out soon will mean less hair breakage and the risk of it getting caught in and on things is also reduced. Use a good quality grooming spray and good brushes, also available in a range of styles and sizes.

  • Why does my horse try to bite me when I groom him?  

    • Some horses (especially young ones) get nippy when you're grooming them because they're trying to groom you back. In a herd, horses will stand nose to tail and use their teeth and lips to groom each other, so young horses think they're returning the favour by “grooming” you back. Just be aware and of course, they mean no harm.

  • How can I keep my horse calm when clipping?  

    • It is no surprise that the vibrations and hum from the clippers can unsettle a horse not used to being clipped. Try switching the clippers on where they can see them so they can tell the noise is not a problem or threat for them, then put your hand on their coat with the clippers on top ( so the clippers are not actually touching them ) and move your hand & clippers over their coat without cutting, so they can feel the vibrations but only very gently and therefore get used to the feeling and noise before you actually clip.

  • Why do I get lines when I clip my horse?  

    • Lines on your horse’s coat can happen due to inconsistent pressure while you are clipping. A few other reasons may include your horse’s coat being dirty, or the blades of the clippers are dull. You can get rid of lines by re-clipping the area, making sure to go against the direction of hair growth, but be careful not to push too hard.

  • What can I put on my horse once I have groomed or clipped them?  

    • We have a whole range of products above which will not only enhance their look but also benefit their coat or hooves, Try the Stubben Brush-on range of sprays, in Cherry Blossom, Sunflower or Rose and Green tea scents, to help de-tangle, smooth and soothe and leave a fresh scent too. For their hooves, we have Stubben hoof oil, frog care and balm, so their feet will look show-ready every day!

Horse Grooming Products & Clippers