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Horse Rugs, Fly Rugs & Fly Masks

We stock a wide range of Lightweight, medium-weight and heavyweight horse rugs and blankets. Choose from stable and turnout rugs, fleeces, coolers and travel rugs, exercise sheets and fly rugs and masks, all from top-selling brands Premier Equine, John Whitaker, Hy and Rhinegold. 

  • Which weight turnout rug do I need?  

    • The first choice you face is which weight: light, medium or heavy. In simple terms, lightweight is sufficient for spring or autumn months, while medium and heavyweight are more suited to our British winters and the colder months either side of it. For summer, a simple sheet or cooler will do, and of course when flies start to bother them, then a specialist fly rug and mask will help them cope, plus they now provide UV protection and actually keep them cooler in the hot weather by reflecting the heat.

  • How do I measure my horse to get the correct rug size?  

    • Measure in a straight line from the centre of the horse's chest around the shoulder and along the side of the belly near to the tail / where you would expect the rug to finish - especially for turnout rugs. Refer to the image for a visual description.

  • My Premier Equine rug is a little too light - what can I do?  

    • Check out the brilliant rug liners section, where you can purchase a liner in weights from 50g up to 350g. Adding one of these underneath your Premier Equine rug will keep your horse at just the right temperature - and saves you buying another rug in a different weight. Available as a combo too, so even their neck is snug in the colder months.

  • What can my horse wear while exercising - even if it's cold and wet?  

    • We have a section above for walker rugs and exercise sheets All are both stylish and waterproof and will keep your horse warm and dry whilst you ride or exercise in wet or cold conditions. They even have reflective strips, so you can both easily be seen - especially if on the road.

  • I have heard of the Titan Trio from Premier Equine - what do I get for my money?  

    • Premier Equine say: The Titan Trio is a result of constant reinvention, inspired by the changing of the seasons and climates across the globe. Our aim was to create a system that allowed horse owners to customise their rug based on their horses needs both in the field and in the stable. This is the ultimate rugging system for your horse. Crafted using a robust 1680D ballistic nylon material and treated with our proven waterproof system, the Titan Trio will keep your horse warm, dry and comfortable. Our optimum breathable formula also helps to regulate your horse's temperature. The system comprises of a 100g turnout rug, three rug liners and two snug-fit neck covers. Use the 100g turnout rug on its own as a lightweight (plus) layer or add any of the three different weight (fill) rug liners to increase warmth. Possible weight (fill) creations; 100g, 200g, 300g and 450g.