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Horse Therapy Products

Magnetic and Infra-Red horse therapy products for improving your horse’s health and performance.

Ice boots provide a simple and easy alternative, and are really effective too.

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  • What would be good for my horse before excercise? 

    • We recommend using the Ionair Ceramic Technology rug before exercise to help prepare the muscles for work, and also after to help reduce lactic acid build up caused by exercise. The therapy delivery method means that the effectiveness of this product is significantly increased when used by horses who are in regular training. Why use ceramic technology rugs? The following benefits have been reported: Temperature regulation – Aids recovery of muscle fatigue – Re-energises muscles – Maintains circulation – Prevents chills – Removes toxins – Improved tissue oxygen supply – Can help to maintain the overall wellbeing of your horse.

  • If I want to treat my horses legs with ice, what can you offer? 

    • We have 6 or 9 pocket ice boots available, which have pockets sewn onto the inside of the boots, These can be easiy filled with crushed ice, which will slowly permeate through to the horse’s leg providing ice cold treatment. These ice boots come up high over the knee/hock for maximum coverage and cooling. Horse 9 pocket Ice Boot Key features… 24″ neoprene ice boots, pockets on the inside surface hold crushed ice, Neoprene is insulated to hold the cold longer and will not absorb moisture, Elastic pockets eliminate the trauma of crushed ice directly against the horse’s skin and allow it to slowly permeate through, starting the treatment. Covers the entire leg, knee, tendon and fetlock area. Promote maximum cooling, Secure fit Designed for front and hind use.

  • My horse can get quite stressed and nervous, what could I try? 

    • Magnetic Poll Bands can help to relieve tension and relax the horse’s poll area. Simple and easy to attach to a head collar. Magnetic poll bands can also help reduce stress levels in nervous or anxious horses. Magnetic Poll Band Key features… Made from breathable neoprene which moulds to contour the horse’s head Attaches easily to head collar behind ears 6 magnets situated within the band to treat the poll area Each magnet is a 600 Gauss high energy flexible ferrite magnet with 50mm plume field zone Can help calm horses with stable vices Can help relax nervous horses before a competition Cannot be used whilst the horse is exercising. Horse must be at rest with a regular heart rate Hand wash only in cool water with mild soap/non-bio liquid. Rinse thoroughly and dry naturally

  • I like to use a pressure bandage on my horses legs after work, but do you have anything which will also apply magnetic therapy too? 

    • Try our magnetic boot wraps, which have been anatomically designed to act as a pressure bandage on your horse's legs, boasting a range of health benefits. Made from breathable Air Tech ventilated neoprene with strong and secure Velcro straps. The soft cotton liners inside the boot wrap contain magnets around key areas. These magnets can help to aid the body's natural processes and maintain wellbeing. Can be used on both front and hind legs. Our magnetic boot wraps are endorsed by experts & trainers worldwide. Combining USA’s technology in magnets with our experience in rugs and boots we have enjoyed worldwide success in all disciplines of the equine industry and helped many a top racehorse, event horse, dressage horse, etc. to keep training and competing with the aid of our magnetic products. Why use magnets? The following benefits have been reported… Maintained circulation - Reduced muscle tension - Aids recovery of muscle fatigue - Tissue oxygen supply - can help to maintain the overall wellbeing of your horse. Take a look at our Magni-Teque Magnetic Horse Rug with Neck Cover. WARNING do not use on the following... Open wounds, During pregnancy (ladies), Mares in foal, Near pacemakers, and ALWAYS remember if symptoms persist call your vet!

  • Do magnetic boots have a benefit for my horse? 

    • Magnetic boots for horses can provide numerous benefits to older or frequently stabled horses and can help to reduce signs of splints and windgalls. They can also be very effective in cases where there are symptoms of arthritis with your horse. Magnetic boots work by helping to increase your horses blood flow in key areas, so please also see our magni-teque hock, fetlock and knee boots too.