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Horse Tack

Horse Tack & Supplies

Here at Elite Saddlery, we offer a full range of horse tack and supplies, including Bridles, Headcollars, Saddle Clothes, Bits and much more, all available at great prices and the highest quality. We stock beautifully crafted tack made from the finest and most supple leathers that are stylish and built to last.

We believe that our site only offers quality tack from our selected suppliers. The leather used is critical for the lifespan of the products. Whilst there may be cheaper alternatives available, they will not have the strength and durability, and will ultimately cost you more if they must be replaced. The safety of you and your horse is dependent on having good quality, correctly fitting tack.

  • How do I clean and maintain my tack? 

    • Keeping your tack clean is vital. Whilst cleaning you can also check any items for cracks or signs of wear. Replace anything badly worn, as you and your horse may be injured if you use unsafe items. Saddle soap and conditioner can be used to keep your leatherwork looking great and feeling soft.

Horse Tack & Supplies