Horse Tack

About our horse tack

We offer a full range of horse tack, from bridles and head collars to saddle pads and accessories, studs, bits, spurs and stirrups and everything in between. All available at great prices.

Beautifully crafted tack from the finest and most supple leathers. Our ranges from Stubben, Premier Equine and John Whitaker are top quality and made to last, whilst being stylish and functional. Saddle cloths of all designs from Stubben, Whitaker and Premier Equine are also here for you to view.

The Stubben Freedom bridle and Equi-Soft girth are innovative new products that have proven to be massively popular due to their comfort for the horse, and marked improvement in the horse’s way of going. We offer a 14 day trial on both these products.

  • Is quality important?

    • We believe that our site only offers quality tack from our selected suppliers.The leather used is critical for the lifespan of the products. Whilst there may be cheaper alternatives available, they will not have the strength and durability, and will ultimately cost you more if they have to be replaced.The safety of you and your horse is dependent on having good quality, correctly fitting tack.

  • How do I maintain my tack? 

    • Keeping your tack clean is vital. Whilst cleaning you can also check any items for cracks or signs of wear.Replace anything badly worn, as you and your horse may be injured if you use unsafe items.Stubben Hamanol is a great saddle soap and conditioner to keep your leatherwork looking great and feeling soft.

  • I'm interested in the Stubben Equi-soft girth but not sure and also wonder which pad to choose? 

    • We offer a 14 day trial which means you can have the girth there to try on your horse to see the benefits for yourself - You are sure to want to keep it anyway!The pads available are; Lambskin; softest and recommended for for sensitive horses. Leather; easiest to clean but can feel cold if your horse has not had a leather girth before. Neoprene; soft, warm and less bulky than the lambskin. All in all a great choice if you are unsure about the other options.

  • An item I want is shown as currently unavailable - what should I do? 

    • Please do e-mail or phone us as we may well have the item on it's way to us anyway. If not we can advise you how long it will take to order in. Some leatherwork still has some supply issues but we can advise you and perhaps find an alternative size or colour to speed things up.

  • How do I book a Stubben saddle fitting? 

    • On our home page there is an enquiry form to complete. This will be forwarded onto Stubben who will arrange for one of their specialist saddle fitters to contact you to book a fitting.

About our horse tack