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Headcollars and Leadropes

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Headcollars, Halters & Lead Ropes

Shop our range of horse halters, headcollars & lead ropes perfect for all horses from foals to larger horses. Our headcollars are available in leather, with options for fleece lined and padded. Check out our range of colourful headcollars and lead ropes that can be mixed and matched to create your own style.

Lead ropes can come in different lengths, as a longer lead rope may be chosen for bigger horses or for horses that are more likely to pull away from the handler.

  • What is a headcollar and lead rope used for? 

    • A headcollar, or halter as it is sometimes termed, with a lead rope is one of the most essential items in your arsenal, as it enables you to handle your horse. A headcollar and lead rope is used to lead your horse to and from the stable or field, onto a horsebox, or to graze in hand. It can also be used to tie the horse up. It is advisable to tie the horse up while grooming them, being tacked up or being seen by a vet or farrier.

Headcollars, Halters & Lead Ropes