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Saddle Cloths, Pads & Numnahs (Including Fly Veils)

Browse our range of saddle cloths and numnahs for a variety of uses including dressage to jumping, half pads to full, we have a range of designs, styles and prices to suit everyone. We stock high-quality designs from Premier Equine, Stubben and Whitaker. 

  • What is the difference between a saddle cloth and a saddle pad?  

    • A saddle cloth is to prevent chafing caused by the saddle and other pieces of equipment and to absorb sweat. The main function of a pad is to alleviate and evenly distribute the pressure of a saddle on the horse's back.

  • Does a wool saddle pad keep horses cool?  

    • Merino wool is a natural shock absorber and it thermoregulates. Wool can absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture and when used in conjunction with Premier Equines' advanced Air technology it allows moisture to escape, keeping your horse dry and comfortable. With a larger surface area covering the entire under-seat panel region, the natural fibers will effectively wick away moisture from the skin, distribute pressure evenly and aid shock absorption. Real wool is still one of the most natural materials in the world and probably the best you can use under a saddle pad.

  • Is a clear spine saddle pad a good idea?  

    • Clear-spine designs can cause pressure from seam lines, posing the potential for rubs, sores and uneven pressure distribution. To prevent this, all Premier Equine Merino Wool Saddle Pads no longer feature a clear-spine design to enhance comfort and protect your horse.

  • I compete in Dressage but need a pad with numbers - how do I attach them?  

    • Each Premier Equine close contact cotton dressage competition saddle pad (Item number PE3029) comes with 2 patches and 2 x number patches that are attached either side of the pad onto integrated Velcro patches, compliant with the new British Dressage requirements. Number patches come with three complete sets of numbers for each side and easily slot into the transparent pockets on the number patch.

  • Do you sell fly veils? 

    • Yes we do, with a range added in to the GP / Jump section above. We have listed them next to the matching saddle pad if there is one.