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We stock a range of stirrup irons from Stubben, Premier Equine and Whitaker. Stubben has a good range of top-quality stirrups including the traditional Fillis Irons, Offset Fillis Irons, Prussian Irons, SEQ and SEQ plus with flexible sides, Dynamic, Icelandic and the popular Maxi-Grip Stirrup IronsFor aluminium performance irons, check out the Premier Equine design here. Whitaker Air Irons are really popular too! 

  • Does the stirrup tread have to be flat, or can I get an angled footplate?  

    • The Premier Equine Jopollo aluminium performance stirrups are ergonomically shaped to allow for correct posture and positioning of the foot whilst in the saddle. The frame is engineered from quality aluminium with a double bent leg designed to support your ankle throughout the gaits. Sporting a 6.5cm stainless steel tread which offers extreme durability, and it is exceptionally lightweight. This is angled at a perfect 10˚; this is an optimum angle to help support the lower leg - providing additional security and relieving pressure in the ankles, calves, knees and hips. The tread grip design has been developed for ultimate grip underfoot in all conditions.

  • If the rubber pads wear out on my fillis stirrups, can I replace them?  

    • No problem, as Stubben offers a replacement rubber pad for Fillis stirrup irons, and it's even available in three popular sizes, 11cm, 12cm and 13cm.

  • What benefit are offset stirrups to me?  

    • Offset stirrup irons help the rider by keeping the leg in a more correct, comfortable position. Offset stirrup irons keep stirrup leathers from twisting in the wrong direction and allow the leathers to lay flatter against your leg which eases the strain on your back and legs. Another benefit of angled stirrups is they can be easier to find if you lose a stirrup. The angle can also help you to get your foot in when you are mounting.

  • How wide should my stirrups be?  

    • The stirrups should be 1 inch wider than your foot (at the ball of your foot when wearing your riding boots) with 1/2 an inch on either side. Wider than this isn't necessary, and of course smaller or tighter than this could potentially be dangerous if you had a fall as the risk is that your foot could become caught, and you would be dragged along. Before purchasing some new stirrups, please measure your foot so we can supply the correct fit for you.