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From competition essentials to luxuriously soft riding boots hand-made in Italy, there is something for everyone in the Brogini range with various heights and calf widths available.

  • Brogini are known for their boots but where are Brogini boots made? 

    • The brand is owned by John Whitaker International, with the superb range of exclusive boots handmade in Italy. The range comprises boots for all equestrian disciplines and general yard/country use in a range of styles for men, ladies and children.

  • Is Brogini a good brand? 

    • Brogini boots are smart, durable and hard-wearing designed for leisure riders, happy hackers, and everything in between. If you're seeking comfort and practicality above all else, look no further.

  • Do Brogini have a size guide? 

    • For country and short / paddock boots your regular shoe size is all you need to know (don't forget to allow for thicker socks if you wear them outside) For riding boots, you will also need to know your calf size and height requirements. Calf Size In a standing position with feet flat to the floor, have a friend measure the widest part of your calf. Remember to wear your normal riding legwear and measure both calf muscles as the measurements may differ. Height Size In a standing position, with bare feet and a slightly bent knee whilst keeping your feet flat to the floor, have a friend measure from the bottom of your heel to the centre of the knee crease. Check each product for their respective size guides to ensure the perfect fit.