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Diamond Studs

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The Diamond stud range comes in sets of 4 studs and a wide variety of styles – perfect for riding at any time of year.

Good quality traditional studs in a variety of styles to suit all disciplines.

  • Which studs are best for which ground type? 

    • Generally speaking, the more pointed studs are designed to be used when the ground is hard and/or slippery, and the square, dome and bullet-shaped studs are designed for use when the going is soft.

  • When should a horse wear studs? 

    • If a horse has slipped they will be cautious when next performing the same action, so whilst a jump may feel ok to the rider, the horse may have noticed and will be unsure of their footing on the next fence or turn. Studs are designed to provide extra grip, so you need to use studs on your horse whenever there is a likelihood that the horse may slip. If a horse has previously slipped into a fence, on landing, or travelling around a corner, they may be worried about their footing rather than concentrating on the job in hand.

  • How big a stud do I need? 

    • In all cases, the smallest possible studs should be fitted, and only whilst riding or competing. Prolonged use of bigger studs on firm ground can produce vertical fractures in the hoof wall directly above the studs, so this should be avoided and the correct size used, and always only while competing.

  • Can studs cause any damage or hurt my horse? 

    • You should avoid using pointed studs on the inside of the hoof as they have the potential for strike damage to the opposite leg. For this reason it is sensible for horses with studs to wear boots for protection. A stud girth is also a wise precaution if your horse is jumping whilst wearing studs in their front shoes.