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Helite Air Jackets are unique in that the inner air bag can be zipped away from the outer shell so you change from a gilet or blouson to a show or hunt jacket with just the one inner air bag needed.

Original style air jacket also available in various colours.

Super-fast and low noise inflation.

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  • If my air jacket goes off after a fall, can I re-use it? 

    • Yes of course, what happens is the jacket will look great, keep you safe and inflate almost instantly if you fall. Afterwards, you can simply replace the air canister ( which we sell singularly too ) and you are good to go again - hopefully without too many bumps and bruises.

  • So do I need a body protector as well as an air jacket? 

    • You can wear the air jacket on its own and it will offer the protection it is designed to. Many people prefer the lightweight convenience of the air jacket compared with traditionally bulkier foam of a body protectors. The most important element is that either are fitted correctly, so do ensure that they cover properly and are not too large or small. Air jackets are considered a top-up to your foundation garment, which should be a BETA Level 3 body protector if you event. They effectively extend the area of protection on the body (which would be restricted and affect your ability to ride if they were fully inflated all the time) This is why they are only triggered by a fall.

  • How long does a body protector remain effective for - do they go out of date like helmets? 

    • BETA recommends that body protectors should be replaced every three to five years, depending on use, as impact absorption properties of the foam might start to decline during this time. Level 5 (red), Level 7 (blue), Class 1 (green), Class 2 (orange) and Class 3 (purple) labels are now obsolete as are all garments bearing the 2000 Level 1, 2 and 3 labels. Garments bearing any of these labels are no longer effective and should be replaced. This may be the perfect reason to upgrade to an air jacket, so check your body protector now!

  • How bulky is an air jacket to wear? 

    • Our Helite air jackets have an internal air bag that zips into a selection of outer jackets, blousons and gilets to give you a great choice between a smart show jacket or BSJA approved blouson, or the more casual gilet for the warmer months. Both adult and childrens sizes available.

  • I'm still unsure, can I call you for some advice? 

    • Of course, as they are a big investment. Call us on 01379 588472 or e-mail on and we will get you any information you need or just talk you through the options, but they really do work and provide peace of mind too.