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Renowned for their quality and longevity, Stubben bridles are made in Germany from the finest, most supple leathers and you will not be disappointed with these beautiful products – you can really feel the difference, and so will your horse.

From the most affordable Leitrim bridle to the luxurious, super smart Switch bridle to the best-selling Stubben Freedom bridle – we offer the full range and more. We also offer a 14-day trial on the Freedom bridle and the wonderful Equi-soft girth.

  • Stubben items are a bit more expensive than others I have seen - are they worth the money?  

    • Whilst we feel that all items we sell are very good, for leatherwork Stubben is quite exceptional. Founded in Germany in 1894, Stubben have always been renowned as master saddle makers and saddlery suppliers, using the finest quality leathers and materials to create their range. Once you have had Stubben items, you will always use Stubben.

  • Where are Stubben saddles made? 

    • Stubben saddles and leather accessories are made in-house; the saddles come from their dedicated workshops in Switzerland and Germany, and all their leather accessories from Spain.

  • How do you identify a Stubben saddle? 

    • Stubben stamps the individual serial number of each saddle on the billet guard on the far side. The serial number starts with a letter, and if you contact Stubben with the serial number, they can tell you how old your saddle is and who made it.

  • Can I trial a Stubben Equi-soft girth? 

    • Here at Elite Saddlery, we can offer you the chance to see the benefits of the Equi-soft girth, via our 14-day trial to see if you (and your horse) like it. Simply purchase it as normal and if after the 14 days are up you cannot see the benefits then simply return it to us and we'll refund you minus a small trial fee as we can't then sell it as new.

  • Can I trial a Stubben Bridle? 

    • The Stubben Freedom bridle is also offered by us on a trial basis too. The Freedom bridle grants full sight and full freedom for movement for the ears. No pressure on neuralgic areas (main facial nerve, ears, field of vision, muscles of the throat and neck) Sustains the natural joy of moving and the commitment of your horse. FEI and FN approved.

  • There is quite a range of items from Stubben - do you stock much?  

    • We hold a lot of stock here at Elite Saddlery, and so hope to have most Stubben items available for you quickly. If we don't have what you want here, we have worked with Stubben for many years now and will be able to get you an accurate estimation of the re-supply time for your item direct from them, so you will make an informed choice - and of course their products are always worth waiting for.