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Vintage & Antique Rocking Horses

More about our vintage & antique rocking horses...

Beautiful vintage & antique rocking horses, sympathetically restored where necessary. These are truly a joy to either own and display in your home or for children to ride and enjoy.

We also offer beautifully crafted hand made removable leather tack for our antique rocking horses in small, medium and large sizes to help with a renovation or a refresh of your current rocking horse.

A gallery of some of our sold rocking horses is available here for your pleasure. All now have new homes and riders enjoying them.

Please do have a look at our horse sculptures and figures.Great gifts for any horse lover and an alternative if a rocking horse is too large to fit!

  • What age is an antique or vintage rocking horse? 

    • The term 'Antique' is accepted to mean an item which is 100 years or older. 'Vintage' is generally accepted to mean an item is 50 years or older. If you see an item listed as 'Victorian' then this should be from between 1837 and 1901.

  • Is a rocking horse a good investment? 

    • A careful purchase from a reputable seller should see you able to find the rocking horses you desire.

      As long as this is from a known maker such as Lines or Ayres then these are a great investment as there are only so many in existence. Their rarity will in itself see the value increase over time. Really rare examples such as an Ayres 'D' or 'E' type are now very hard to find so are a very good investment.

  • How do you measure a rocking horse? 

    • Our site always shows three measurements for our vintage and antique rocking horses;

      Height - this will be from the floor to the highest point of the horse which is sometimes the poll ( or the top crown of the neck ) or to the top of the ear, whichever is greater.

      Length - the overall length of the stand from end to end ( ensure it will fit in your chosen spot...).

      Width - the total width again at the widest point, be that somewhere on the horse or the stand itself .

      Again, be sure that your chosen rocking horse will fit where you want to place it on display.

  • What age is a rocking horse suitable for? 

    • Absolutely anyone of any age can love and enjoy our rocking horses, and purchasers often tell us that they are buying in later life because they always wanted one when they were younger but couldn't have or afford one. So don't forget to treat yourself if this is you!

      We also sell lots to parents or grandparents, and as there are so many styles and sizes available.There is always one to suit you - just ask.

  • Are rocking horses on a bow or a safety stand best? 

    • There is no right or wrong answer here, and if asked to draw a rocking horse a lot of people would draw one on a bow. These do however tend to be a bit longer overall than a safety stand so need a little more room. The safety stand is probably no safer but does tend to move around the room less when ridden by an 'enthusiastic' rider so this is something to consider - but either way you will love having a rocking horse in your life.

More about our vintage & antique rocking horses...