*SOLD* J R Smith Rocking Horse, circa 1900
‘Baxter’ is a J R Smith horse, bought locally at auction in mostly
original condition. He has had a replacement aged saddle and he may
possibly have had replacement hair at some point, we believe the rest to
be original. He originally had his swing irons mounted vertically, this
was to encourage the child to put in more effort to make the horse
swing as opposed to those set at an angle as it more usual. At some
point the irons have been moved so that they are at the more traditional
angle and therefore make the horse swing more freely. You can see where
the brackets have been moved to achieve this.
A rare and appealing old horse in great condition.
His measurements are:
Height: 110cm
Width: 46cm
Length: 132cm
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*SOLD* J R Smith Rocking Horse, circa 1900. 


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