‘Jazz; is an unpainted wooden rocking horse mounted on a safety stand
with extra carving. She is heavy and made of solid hardwood of a lovely
rich colour, with luscious horse hair mane and tail. Jazz is
approximately 15 years old and is in excellent condition. We have given
her a brand new top quality removable leather bridle, her saddle and
martingale are original. She has a few minor scratches to her stand as
shown in the photos, the stand could be completely re-sanded if required
but we were loathe to do this as it would be impossible to match a new
colour to the horse exactly due to the ageing process and the scratching
is mimimal and not in a prominent area.

Jazz was originally purchased from Brights of Nettlebed, a company
specialising in fine English furniture and antiques since 1866.

Her dimensions are:-

Height 110cm

Length 150cm

Width 50cm

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‘Jazz’ an unpainted wooden rocking horse on a a safety stand



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