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Premier Equine Intego Duo Safety Stirrups


The new Intego Duo Safety Stirrups, engineered with our latest revolutionary “double action” technology.

Engineered with our new revolutionary double action technology, the PE Intego Duo Safety Stirrup allows, when actioned, the entire outside of the stirrup to open. This aids in the safe release of the foot from the stirrup in the event of problems. The snap-closure double hinge then returns to its original position, secured in place by the magnetic locking system. The release of this locking system is activated when pressure is applied in the event of a lateral fall, helping improve rider safety.

With heavy duty 6.5cm anti-slip tread, these stirrups are designed to perform at all times. Lightweight in construction, the Intego Duo Safety Stirrups are engineered from anodised aluminium for prolonged durability.

Instructions for use:

The stirrups have been labelled “L” and “R” to avoid incorrect use:



When in use, the L & R should face the rider. The PE logo should be visible when standing in front of the horse.

When fitting the stirrups to the saddle, ensure the opening arm is closest to the knee roll. The L & R will be facing outwards when the stirrups have been run up the leathers.

The opening arm should never be directed towards the horse’s ribs.



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The Intego Duo Safety Stirrups have a 100% aluminium construction which has been anodised to protect them from wear and tear and give long life if used correctly. We advise cleaning the whole stirrup, including the safety mechanism, with warm water only.

It is important to check the opening mechanism before and after each ride and remove any dirt and debris which could prevent the safety release from opening correctly.

If the stirrups are stored on the saddle, we recommend using the PE Stirrup Covers to help prevent any damage.


The stirrups must be fitted correctly to the saddle for the safety mechanism to work properly.

The double action arm snaps back with force, be careful when handling to avoid injury.

Do not disassemble.

Do not wear any loose clothing or footwear undone or unsecured that may prevent the stirrup to work properly.

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Silver, Black, Blue


4.75"/12 cm


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