Premier Equine Mazziano Ladies Long Leather Dress Riding Boot


The sleek and elegant lines of the dress boot provide a unique twist on a traditional design created in a meticulously mastered premium grade leather, delivering the ultimate in style and comfort.

The superior cut and sculpted fit of these riding boots are enhanced by fluid style lines.

Engineered to perform the boot provides flexibility in the ankle for a soft and easy heel down position, a discreet elastic panel runs along the rear zip for improved custom feel fitting. A stacked heel gives the boot a bespoke look, while the raised outer leg provides an elongated flattering look. This exquisite boot is handmade in its entirety.

A dual density foam cushioning system is anatomically designed to reduce strain on the foot from the impact of walking, with targeting support in the heel, bridge and ball of the foot absorbing shock and providing lasting comfort.



Riding Boots: Key features…

  • Premium grade leather upper
  • Premium grade perforated leather lining
  • Dress style – enclosed front
  • Soft square toe shape
  • Discreet comfort fit elasticated stretch panel
  • Two-point rear spur rests
  • Premium YKK zip
  • Detachable pull cord
  • Comfort insole
  • Press stud spur guard
  • Top security strap with snap fastening
  • Premium handmade sole
  • PE branded badge

Wearer trial comments “I wear these riding boots for dressage competitions and they look pristine. They shape the leg and the lines are exquisite. The outer leg makes my legs look elongated which is really flattering, I get so many compliments asking where they are from. Two point spur rests are great for when requiring more precise airs and a press stud spur guard protects the boots. They come with a detachable pull cord and a security strap at the top with snap fastening. They have a real premium feel”

Please note the sizes in all guides shown are approximate and for general guidance only, as each item may vary during the manufacturing process. 


How to care for your riding boots…

Firstly we recommend you test all products used during the cleaning process on a concealed patch of leather to make sure they are compatible and ensure that they give the desired finish.

  1. Use a firm brush to gently remove dirt build up from around the boot. Pay particular attention to the zip and rim of the sole
  2. Rinse a cloth in clean lukewarm water and gently wring it out, leaving a fair amount of moisture within it
  3. We then recommend the use of self-foaming footwear cleaner. Apply foam to the entire outer boot sparingly and carefully wipe away any remaining dirt using a soft circular motion – this will prevent streaking marks
  4. Using a clean cloth wipe away excess foam
  5. Leave leather to dry naturally away from direct heat sources
  6. You may wish to apply a specialist leather wax or cream formula which will help preserve the leathers properties
  7. As a finishing product we recommend the application of a protective spray which will help guard the leather against water, stains and most importantly urine, which can degrade leather over time.


Top Tip:One of the key functional elements of your boot is the zipper, this should always be maintained by opening the zipper and wiping off grease and dust after each use. This will ensure a smooth sliding action and prevent debris from causing the zip becoming stuck or split.

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Premier Equine Mazziano Ladies Long Leather Dress Riding Boot

Additional information

Foot Size

UK4, UK5, UK6, UK7, UK8

Calf Width

Standard, Wide

Boot colour

Black, Brown


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