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Stubben Pelham bit sweet copper link double broken


Stubben Pelham bit sweet copper link, double broken

  • 14mm thick
  • Lower part 5cm

Benefits of the Pelham bit:
• Can be ridden with one or two reins
• pull and leverage effect can be used as required

Benefits of the Pelham bit side parts:
• The short shanks are a special feature of the Stübben STEELtec side parts.
• The short shanks admit faster impact on the horse with short rein movement.
• A fast impact is helpful in jumping, particularly in fast turns between the jumps.
• The flat stainless steel curb chains ensure a closer fit and prevent the lips from being pinched.
• The special hooks allow an easier adjustment of the curb chain

Benefits of SWEET Copper Link:
• Better acceptance
• Pleasant sweet taste of the middle piece
• Encourages chewing and salivation
• Solid copper composition (90% Copper, 7% Iron Aluminum, no Nickel) with very high strength
• Horses feel good with SWEET Copper

Advantages of the double jointed snaffle bit:
• No painful pressure on the gums
• Even and mouth-friendly distribution of pressure from the Reins on tongue and bars.
• Better acceptance by the horse
• No nutcracker effect
• Facilitates communication between horse and rider

Benefits of the rings:
• The movable rings of the snaffle bit automatically ensure the correct
position of the bit in the horse’s mouth when the Reins are taken.
• The freely movable rings enable the horse to slightly change the
position of the bit in his mouth, this stimulates chewing and leads to a
better acceptance.
• For green horses and inexperienced riders the snaffle bit should always be the first choice.

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Stubben Pelham bit sweet copper link, double broken


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Bit Size

12.5 cm (5"), 13.5 cm (5 1/4"), 14.0 cm (5 1/2"), 14.5 cm (5 3/4")


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