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Stubben Precision D-Ring Bit double broken


Precision D-Ring Bit with rigid effect and limited moveability in the rings

  • 14mm thick
  • Ring 100 x 55


• Enhanced steering plus additional impact on upper jaw through innovative D-ring design

• New Ring-Stop-system: D-rings can be moved outwards but they cannot

fold to the center –this supports horse in keeping balance in turns.

• 3-dimensionally and anatomically adapted comfort mouth piece featuring

the new “soft rigid effect” provides more comfort for the horse while

at the same time providing high effectiveness for the riders aids.

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Stubben Precision D-Ring Bit double broken

Additional information

Bit Size

12.5 cm (5"), 13.5 cm (5 1/4"), 14.0 cm (5 1/2"), 14.5 cm (5 3/4")


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