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Helite Air Jacket Fitting and Sizing Guide

Fitting instructions for the Air Shell range: Air Show, Hunt Coat, Blouson & Gilet

  • If you are planning to wear a body protector underneath please allow for this and buy the next size up
  • Minimum weight is four stone for the child large Air Shell range, this takes a 50cc child canister.
  • Minimum weight is six stone for the adult extra small to adult large jackets to activate the air jacket’s trigger system in the case of a fall, these take the adult 60cc canister.
  • Adult XL and 2XL only available in the gilet, not the blouson yet.

Air Shell Range

Fitting Instructions for the Original Air Jacket

  • The Air Jacket should reach halfway down the buttocks when deflated, this is to ensure it will cover the pelvis sufficiently when inflated.
  • It is important there is enough room between the Air Jacket and the Body Protector to allow for inflation, we suggest a fists width.
  • The Velcro straps can be adjusted accordingly.
  • Cross Country number bibs should be loosely fitted over an Air Jacket.
  • Adult and Large Child size Air Jackets should not be worn by anybody weighing less than 6 stone (38.1 kg*) These take 60cc canisters.

Childs Small and Medium Air Jackets should not be worn by a child weighing less than 4 stone (25.5 kg*). These take 50cc canisters.

*These weights correspond to the force required to activate the trigger system.

Child's Original Air Jacket

Adult Original Air Jacket